Methyl Palmitate / Oleate

CAS Numbar-67762-38-3

The UNICON SP 5 (Heavy Cut Methyl Ester) is a mixture of Methyl Palmitate (C16, 15- 30%) and Methyl Oleate (70-85%); “R” in the structural diagram above represents a  saturated alkyl chain of carbon atoms equal to 15 or 17. Not including the methyl ester  group, there are an even number of carbon atoms in the molecule. It is a clear Liquid  under ambient conditions with a musty odor. 

Physical Properties 

(All Properties @22OC (72OF), 760 mmHg unless stated)  

Specific Gravity: 0.87 

Vapour Pressure: <5 mmHg  

Melting Point: 6.29OC (42.8OF)

Viscosity :7 cp 

Boiling Point: 354.3OC (669.2OF) 

Insoluble in water under ambient conditions, but suitable solvents include ethyl ether and  mineral oil. 


End-use applications for UNICON SP 5 include soap-making, amides, chlorinated  lubricants, cutting oils, defoamers, gear oils, ink solvents, isopropyl esters, jet lubricants,  methyl ester sulphonates, plasticizers, PEG Esters, rolling oils, sulphurised lubricants,  low – VOC Solvents, metalworking fluids, solvents for inks, solvents for paint removal,  production of plastizer alcohols, emulsifiers, stabilizers, resins, and flavorings.

Shelf Life:

Shelf life is affected by how a product is stored. We expect the shelf life of Fatty Alcohols  to be about 1 year if it is kept under the recommended storage and handling conditions. 

Storage and Handling (recommended) 

Storage temp Targets: 32OC (90OF) (Max: 38 OC (100OF)  

Nitrogen Blanket: Not Necessary 

Rail car or Tank Truck: Carbon Steel 

Agitation/ Recirculation: Necessary only when Heating  

Storage Tank: Carbon Steel 

Pumps and Lines: Carbon Steel 


∙ Methyl Esters attack, swell and soften many different types of rubbers and plastics  such as gaskets and hoses. 

∙ Concrete is slowly swollen & deteriorated by contact; avoid recurring drips or leaks,  and clean up spills promptly. 

∙ Ambient temperature is acceptable even if it is higher than the maximum  temperature. 

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