Our UNICON Brand of Products is well established in the Market Place; owing to our dedicated efforts for the past 35 years;

  1. Specialised Methyl Esters (Heavy Cuts, Palmitate / Oleate)
  2. Anti Static Coning Oil / Spin Finish Oil / Knitting Oil
  3. FAME – Methyl Esters / Soya Methyl Ester / Methyl Soyate

Specialised Methyl Esters (Heavy Cuts, Palmitate / Oleate)

Brand Name: UNICON SP 5

The UNICON SP 5 (Heavy Cut Methyl Ester) is a mixture of Methyl Palmitate (C16, 15- 30%) and Methyl Oleate (70-85%); “R” in the structural diagram above represents a saturated alkyl chain of carbon atoms equal to 15 or 17. Not including the methyl ester group, there are an even number of carbon atoms in the molecule. It is a clear Liquid under ambient conditions with a musty odor.

Physical Properties

(All Properties @22OC (72OF), 760 mmHg unless stated) Specific Gravity: 0.87

Vapour Pressure: <5 mmHg Melting Point: 6.29OC (42.8OF) Viscosity :7 cp

Boiling Point: 354.3OC (669.2OF)

Insoluble in water under ambient conditions, but suitable solvents include ethyl ether and mineral oil.

Textile Auxiliaries / Anti-Static Coning Oil, Knitting Oil / Spin Finish Oil:
Used extensively in the texturing of synthetic yarn such as viscose, acetate rayon, nylons and polyesters. The low frictional properties of the oil reduce break level, while the surfactants permit higher & uniform oil pick-up even at consistent roller speeds compared to conventional oils.

 Note: The oil has anti-static properties and excellent pick-up quality as high as 5% to 8% on wt. of yarn. It gives a considerable reduction in chemical “SPLASHING” in high speed machines, thereby reducing “Total Consumption” in addition to chemical wastage and overall cost. 

Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) / Methyl Esters / Soyate

We are able to offer Methyl Esters from various Fatty Acids & Oils depending upon Customer specifications & end application. Some of the Esters include Castor derivatives, Methyl Soyate / Soya Methyl Ester, Linseed, Palm Oils & Soya Fatty Acid. 

Trading Activity: We are actively involved in sourcing & supplying the following products:

  1. Mineral Oils / Base Oils / White Oils
  2. Ethoxylates
  3. Refined Glycerin & Crude Glycerin